Glove and Line Puppets Performance

Hong Kong Cultural Centre Piazza B, Tsim Sha Tsui

26 October 2019 (Sat)
2pm - 3pm

C hinese Puppet Show is an ancient art form of around two thousand years of history. Puppeteers usually draw inspirations of their performances from Chinese ancient myths to folklores. The mastery of puppetry was brought into Hong Kong during the 1920s, mainly due to tours held by Guangdong and Fujian puppeteers.

The famous puppeteer Wong Fai will bring his puppets to ICH Mart, performing classical tales such as “The Yaoshan Macaque” for Line puppet, “Four Generals on Stage”, “Monkey King Subdues White-Skeleton Demon”, and “Da Ming Fu” for Glove Puppets.


Leisure and Cultural Services Department

Fully Supported by:
Intangible Cultural Heritage Offce

Performing Group:
Wong Fai Puppet Shadow Company Limited