Sino Group Presents: Hong Kong Ink Art Walk 2019
Hong Kong Waters Korean Mountains:
Hong Kong and Korea Art Exchange Exhibition

Exhibition Gallery 2-3, Hong Kong Central Library
66 Causeway Road, Causeway Bay

19 September 2019 - 29 September 2019

In light of special circumstances nearby the exhibition venue, "Hong Kong Waters Korean Mountains" is closed on 29 Sep 2019 (Sun) at 2:30pm for the sake of public safety. Workshop will also be cancelled.

Opening hours
Monday to Sunday (Except Wednesday)
10am - 8pm

12pm - 8pm

T he Chinese Ink Painting Institute Hong Kong has been a supporting organisation of the Hong Kong Culture Festival (HKCF) since last year. This year, HKCF invites Wucius Wong as a guest curator, as well as 7 artists from the institute, including Wong Chau Tung, Wong Hau Kwei, Ma Tat Wai, Hung Hoi, Kassia Ko, Chan Keng Tin and Koon Wai Bong, for a sketching trip to Jeju Island of South Korea.

Through artworks by each artist, visitors will be able to see individual interpretations of the Jeju landscapes by the artists. Their other works will also be included. One Korean artist from Jeju, Lee Wal Chong (이왈종), has been invited to take part in the exhibition. He is the owner of one private museum. His colourful child-like style will surely make a strong contrast with the more subdued ink works by our Hong Kong artists.

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