The 2nd Hong Kong Ink Art Walk
Calligraphic Art: Interaction between Hong Kong and Iranian Artists

Exhibition Hall, 1/F, Low Block, Hong Kong City Hall

26 January 2021 - 10 February 2021 (Mon to Sun)
10am - 8pm

H ong Kong artists specialized in ink painting are generally skilled in calligraphy to strengthen dots and lines, and facilitate inclusion of colophons in painting. Some might attempt inclusion of calligraphy-related elements such as words, characters, alphabets and symbols in their work, to express contemporary view of calligraphy and painting from one single source.

Mid-Eastern countries are all in the Islam faith. Their sacred temples are only decorated with patterns based on their special type of writing or calligraphy. Artists are rarely concerned with representational forms. Calligraphy and its variations create highly distinctive visual forms dominating their work. This would be the first exhibition features works from the Middle East displayed alongside with Hong Kong works, representing contemporary calligraphic art trends from different cultures globally.

Wucius Wong
Yas Mostashari
Nazila Nobashari

Outreach Education:

Guided Tour & Workshop

Content: Guided Tour (30 min) + Workshop (1 hour)

Date: To be announced



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