INNOTIER is an innovation-driven technology brand with a mission to develop lifestyle products that help people live in a more sustainable way. By embracing a new human-centric approach, INNOTIER offers solutions for new necessities combining: “Best Hygiene technology x Sustainability x Fashion Lifestyle” to help people tackle the unavoidable new normal during and after the pandemic.

With the unique “Business with Purpose” vertical setup, INNOTIER provides the best quality and speedy products carrying ESG and sustainability. Within the short span of 2 years, INNOTIER has been certified with over 100 lab reports from all over the world and with 4 registered patents.

This has helped us become recognized internationally, leading us to work with numerous international brands that has helped us accomplish remarkable achievements such as being accredited as a Certified Sustainable Development Corporation by UNESCO.

In 2021, INNOTIER launched our patented Champion Series fabric which proved to be able to self-eliminating 99% of viruses (including SARS-CoV-2) instantly ON CONTACT. Substituting one-off disposable masks, INNOTIER’s InnoShield self anti-viral reusable masks’ function, lasts for its lifetime as proactive protection for humans & can reduce carbon emissions by more than 91% (as per lab test results calculated by reputable lab CMA).

This year, INNOTIER has been invited to partner up with Tai Kwun and the Hong Kong Cultural Festival to be a part of their Intangible Cultural and Heritage Mart to celebrate ICH. As technology is evolving everyday, conserving and restoring intangible cultures and heritages in the modern world require innovative and sustainable solutions. With our anti-viral and reusable products having the capability to reduce massive carbon footprints created during the pandemic, we believe that having a higher quality of life and living a more sustainable lifestyle can help us create an ideal environment to maintain our cultural heritages.