Due to programme changes, “Hakka Unicorn Dance and Kung Fu Carnival”, Hakka Unicorn Paper Crafting Workshop and Hakka Unicorn Dance Workshop are cancelled.

Hong Kong Culture Festival partners with Hakka Kung Fu Culture Research Society in our Fourth year – “Hakka Unicorn Dance and Kung Fu Carnival”. Boasting a history of 2,500 years, the unicorn dance has been passed down from generation to generation in local Hakka villages for centuries, including Hang Hau Village in Sai Kung, the national intangible cultural heritage site of unicorn dance. Hakka people regard unicorn as a benevolent animal that brings good luck and wards off adversity. In celebrative occasions such as New Year, wedding, ancestral hall inauguration, Da Jiu festival and birthday of god, unicorn dance forms an intrinsic part of the celebration. Following the immigration of the Hakka community to Hong Kong, unicorn dance has since taken on the local vibe in its costume, movements and choreography, combining local traditional music and martial arts.

This year, we will show the interrelationship between Hakka unicorn and different ancient auspicious animals, such as pai yau, jin shi…. When they meet each other, what kind of acts will they take? What are the significances? We will show all these in the carnival.


Leisure and Cultural Services Department

Fully Supported by:

Intangible Cultural Heritage Office

Performing Group:

Hakka Kung Fu Culture Research Society

Date: 27/10/2019
Time: 12pm - 5:30pm
Venue: Hong Kong Cultural Centre Piazza B, Tsim Sha Tsui
Programme Photo