ICH Mart 2023

“Cultural Adventure Through Time” is the theme of ICH Mart 2023. The two-day “Mart” and “Night Market” aim to bridge the traditional craftsmanship as well as intangible cultural heritage with the new generation, to provide opportunities to conserve and revitalise cultural heritage. A series of ICH-themed cultural experiences, game booths, workshops, performances, as well as merchant stalls were offered, unleashing a creative buzz at Tai Kwun and Central Market. Visitors can fully experience Hong Kong’s unique intangible cultural heritage from morning to night.

ICH Mart 2023@Tai Kwun
From celebratory rituals to performing arts, traditional delicacies to daily lives, visitors were introduced to the unique culture that has already been included in ICH Inventory of Hong Kong through interactive game booths, workshops and performances. The crowd drawing ICH performances such as Dragon, Lion, Hakka Unicorn Dances, Chinese Martial Arts and Puppetry Performances were being showcased at different time-slots during the two-day mart.

Visitors were able to experience traditional craftsmanship and help carry forward and promote traditional culture by enrolling workshops like Dough Figurine Crafting, Chinese Herbal Tea, Chinese Seal Engraving and Mahjong Crafting.

Hong Kong Culture Festival launched the “ICH Mart 2023 University Collaboration Pilot Scheme” for the first time. Students from the Department of Sociology from Hong Kong Shue Yan University presented the unique cultural heritage of Hong Kong through 12 interactive game
booths. Visitors voted for their favorite game booth to redeem a gift. Atop the game booths, the merchant stalls on site offered a wide range of ICH-themed merchandise such as cheongsam, tea and wooden accessories, etc.”

Date: 04/12/2023 - 05/11/2023
Time: 12nn - 6pm
Venue: Tai Kwun
Programme Photo