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    Hakka Unicorn Dance and Kung Fu Carnival
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    300 Years of Hakka Kung Fu
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    Dragon and lion Dance Fiesta
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    Chinese Modern Ink Art


The 4th HK Culture Festival

The fourth edition of "Hong Kong Cultural Festival" was successfully completed in February 2019, was join forces with cultural organisations, universities and local communities to present a rich array of programmes in celebration of Hong Kong’s culture heritage.

1. Safeguarding the Community: An Intangible Cultural Heritage New Media Exhibition ;
2. Taoist Music Concert: Joy in Mysterious Music ;
3. Hong Kong Drum Festival - The 16th Hong Kong Synergy 24 Drum Competition ;
4. Hong Kong Classic Films Retrospective ;
5. Heaven and Earth – Contemporary Ink Art Exhibition Featuring Artists from Hong Kong and Inner Mongolia ;
5. The Intangible Cultural Heritage

The festival will be accompanied by a series of workshops, talks and cross-overs with cultural organisations, to explore the exchanges between local and foreign cultures.