Heaven and Earth – Contemporary Ink Art Exhibition Featuring Artists from Hong Kong and Inner Mongolia

Exhibition Hall, Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre

11th – 25th February 2019

Opening Hours:
Monday, Wednesday to Sunday
10am – 9pm

I n this first ever collaboration with Hulunbuir, Inner Mongolia, the two culturally and geographically divergent regions become the subject of the exhibition. Artists from Hong Kong and Inner Mongolia painted, from a foreigner’s perspective, the city of Hong Kong, and the Inner Mongolian deserts and meadows. These ink art and new ink art pieces are the result of an artistic exploration, and a cornerstone of a remarkable cultural exchange.

Curated by Zhao Zhijun, the exhibition features artists from Hong Kong including:
Zhao Zhijun、Shen Ping、Wong Hau Kwei、Hung Hoi、Yick Hang、Ma Tat Wai、Wei Jingmin、Chan Shing Kau、Chen Wei、Alex Ho、Lee Chiching、Katherine Wong, as well as 6 artists from Inner Mongolia.