Liang Yi Museum
18 – 22 Oct, 2016

A s the art scene in Hong Kong continues to flourish, the international interest in the history and development of local art has strengthened, while we discover more about what the city has to offer as a thriving cultural center. Just as the international art community’s interest in ink art has not dwindled, artists in Hong Kong have maintained their momentum in moving beyond traditional limitations of techniques and themes, to further allow this art form to blossom onto the international stage.

This exhibition aims to highlight the continuous development and exploration of ink in Hong Kong and will show another dimension to this ever-changing medium. While “Epoch in Ink” exhibition last year drew attention to an influential generation of artists, who helped lay the foundation, which inspires many of our younger artists today, this exhibition will be seen through the perspectives of various genres of artists. As these artists reach new heights, through traditional and experimental means, the exhibition will provoke a current dialogue, not only between ink and experimental art, but also its relevance to the future of ink.

* Visit by reservation. Please contact ICH Earthpulse Society (852) 2559 9436 or Register online