Ms. Cammie Chan is committed to making cheongsam wearable for all. She believes that women of all ages, body shapes, and economic backgrounds can wear and look beautiful in cheongsam. She perseveres in keeping traditional elements of cheongsam in her designs while adding modern elements such as denim and stylish patterns. Cammie enjoys collecting trendy fabrics while going on treasure hunts in Sham Shui Po. CAMMIE CHAN CHEONGSAM is able to sell cheongsam at an affordable price, making cheongsam more accessible to the general public.

In 2020, the haute couture line, Cammie. C was launched, which was created exclusively for clients’ needs and was tailored specifically for the customers’ measurements and body stance, their personal preferences, and their needs in clothing, thus providing customers with more personalised options.

In 2022, the first cheongsam experience store, “for a change” was opened at the Peak, offering cheongsam rental, cheongsam photography services, and cheongsam-making workshops to promote cheongsam culture to locals and visitors, so that they could understand cheongsam and our culture in a broader extend.

Our brand products include fashionably designed cheongsams, cheongsam aprons, cheongsam collars, cheongsam capes, cheongsam jackets, cheongsam accessories, and pet cheongsams.